Is there a limit to the items that I can bring?

No, there is no limit, we encourage you to bring everything even if you are not sure what it is. Again, please DO NOT CLEAN your items. Many times we can find value in items that are thought to be junk or that is thought to be sterling silver but in reality is white gold. 


Should I clean my item?

NO! Older coins will lose most if not all their value if they are cleaned or polished. Silver plated items are more easily recognizable when tarnished and most collectors prefer the fine patina that Sterling Silver develops over time.

Is there any jewelry that you do not buy?

We buy ALL jewelry made of Precious Metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium with or without diamonds or gemstones. When evaluating your jewelry we calculate the value of the diamonds and include it in our offer. Some costume jewelry has substantial value so please do not hesitate to bring it along.


What kind of watches do you buy?

We buy all vintage and antique pocket and wrist watches both Men's and Women's. Vintage watches were produced prior to 1970. We are extremely competitive with our evaluations for Rolex, Piaget, Cartier, Tiffany, Audemars Piguet, Baume Mercier, Hamilton, Waltham, Elgin and many others. 

Do you buy carved Jade or Coral?

Yes, please bring all carved Jade, Coral or items made from other materials made into jewelry or sculptures. 

Do you buy Bronze, China, Crystal or Glass? 

No, with a few exceptions i.e. signed pieces by Lalique, Tiffany, Daum or Baccarat. We do not buy China, dishes or items made of glass. We will purchase signed Arts & Crafts style bronze items.

Do you buy Dental Gold?

Yes! One Cap to Full Bridges, surprisingly there is good value in Dental Gold, please bring it in for an extremely fair valuation.


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